Hi There.  It's Nice To Meet You.

There are lots of free options to help entrepreneurs get started.  But what about entrepreneurs who need that next level of expertise?  That's where we come in.

We help entrepreneurs solve complex problems like validating their ideas and establishing a sales process.  We provide an eco-system for the savvy entrepreneur.  We are experienced, dynamic and ready to work with you to tackle your biggest challenges.    

We help companies validate their business ideas, build their sales pipeline and increase revenue.  It's not all talk; we deliver measurable results.

Here are a few accomplishments we're pretty proud of:

Closed $500k+ in client business

Built $9.1M in sales pipeline

Worked with 30+ companies

And this really cool thing:

Meet The Team

Joanna Killen, CEO

Founder and CEO, Joanna Killen is a lifetime entrepreneur with a passion for client service and coaching others to reach their goals.  Energetic and thoughtful, Joanna leverages a background in sales, marketing and economic development to serve clients.  At 19 years old, she received funding for her first business - and she hasn't stopped since.  She's  held positions in sales and marketing for a number of years and has extensive experience working with diverse entrepreneurs.  She's worked with organizations like Enterprise Saint John, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, Venn, Pond Deshpande Centre, Opportunities New Brunswick and Canadian Business Development Corporation.  Joanna knows the entrepreneurship scene inside out, upside down and backwards.  Get in touch with her and maybe she'll give you the tour.

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Corey Dugas, COO

Founder and COO, Corey Dugas is an entrepreneur at heart.   He owned and operated a successful coffee shop & New Brunswick's first 'internet coffee shop' and ultimately sold his business to take on new challenges.  Corey leveraged his knack for sales in his career transition and moved on to the world of IT.  He worked with an IT startup company to validate complex products and markets, where delivered and exceeded on aggressive sales targets.  He's got a real knack for the sales skill, the numbers and understanding new markets quickly.  With his quiet confidence, Corey leverages this solid background in IT Sales and connections to the startup community to help entrepreneurs.   Corey will help you get your leads and make sure you're sales ready.  Get in touch with Corey if you're ready to close some deals.  


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Seth Barhkouse, sales & Lead Gen

Sales and Lead Generation, Seth has been involved in the business community since he was 16 years old. He has started and ran multiple businesses in many different industries and has received multiple awards for his entrepreneurial successes. He utilizes his experience starting businesses at different stages to help clients better understand how to connect with their customers. He is an all around idea man and brings a unique view to problems to help clients. He loves to talk ideas and help entrepreneurs implement them in their business.

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