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The Anthropology of Business Series with Guest Blogger Matt George

Social and cultural anthropologists study the agreements we make to each other and the norms we choose to live by in society. The linguistic anthropologist studies the evolution of language and how it facilitates cooperation or conflict within human groups. Biological anthropologists study the biological evolution of homo sapiens groups and the forensic anthropologist pieces the puzzle of death back together.

I propose an additional concept, the irony being that we all do this every single day. It could be considered a non-obvious reality in a sea of obvious realities (in fact I am much more interested in the non-obvious realities)

The concept is the anthropology of business.

Let’s define the term: anthropology, at it’s core, is the study of why groups of humans do the things they do in times past and present. Within our behaviour there are social agreements we make with one another and these agreements constitute ‘culture.’ Culture and behaviour changes over time and space and we’re left with a riddle; why do we do what we do?

In this 5 part series, The Anthropology of Business seeks to explain the hidden forces of what we all do every single day; we digest cues from the outside world, react to those cues based on our beliefs about them and then enter into relationship because of them. This is, you may find, the reality of every interaction, of every one, with every thing.

Take for example the anthropology of money. Someone, somewhere creates a product for the world. The consumer interacts with that product via digital media or in store-front (for the time-being anyway). The consumer digests the product and what it means to their life, forms a belief around it and then enters into relationship with the vendor by purchasing the product or choosing not to.

The Anthropology of Business starts with how we choose to enter into relationships; by what measure are we doing so? Then, the anthropology of listening; how do we truly hear what humans need? Third, telling your story and explaining why people should care. The anthropology of money is fourth; money is a store of value or a medium of exchange. Last but truly never least, an exploration of impact; the anthropology of products that change the world.

You can find Matt over at his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Check out his website @ www.decentralfuture.org