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Does The Client Care Where You Are?

Do your physical surroundings impact how you sell and the result?

Yes! Absolutely! I was once talking with a successful elderly business man who was giving me advice on how to cold call. He told me that my voice was too excited and hard to connect with; it was like I was yelling at the person. He told me to lay down on my couch because it would change my state to be more relaxed.

Have you ever been in certain locations and noticed that the words coming out of your mouth are very different? Even writing blogs is affected by my physical surroundings. When I want to have a more technical style post I will make sure that I go to a co-working space where other people are very business focused. When I am writing a more creative post I will stay at home and usually work at a standing desk while dancing around a bit.

It’s really crazy how much our environment affects us.

But, what about the size of company, does that matter too?

Well… This one is very debatable. Everyone and their dog will have an opinion on this. Generally, if you are selling a consumer good, the size of the business does not matter as long as they are getting what they expect. Sometimes it is advantageous to have a smaller business that people can connect with more. When we have a business that is dealing with large corporate clients, sometimes it can be more difficult to argue. Many large businesses are looking for other established businesses to help them because they can afford these larger businesses and don’t want to test their luck with someone new. There are many ways to get around this by finding inside connections who can introduce you to the right people. Then you can demo your product or service for them and if you “wow” them, you are likely in a good position.

Overall, I would argue that it doesn’t matter the size of the company as long as you are willing to play from your strengths and not be something that you aren’t.

And besides, we are all on the internet anyways…

Let’s be honest, many businesses are all online anyways. You would have no idea if a business was small or large from their online presence. As long as you can portray yourself in an appealing way, you look just like the big guys. You wouldn’t be able to tell that the fairly new fitness brand, Gymshark, that just won one of the fasted growing businesses in the UK was run by only their CEO, Ben Francis, for a long time. Or that Shopify has offices all over the world and a massive staff. All you know is that they are both impressive companies… and thus, you trust them both.

What do you think? Do you care where we’re calling from? Do you care how big our company is?

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