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We're Basically Chameleons.

Fitting a square through a circular whole is not an easy task!

That’s why entrepreneurs have to be shape shifters. When we are creating something new and innovative it often doesn’t fit the current mold. Having an entrepreneurial agility allows us to adjust our offering to fit current needs while also doing it innovatively. Although when we create our business we should focus on a specific group of people who will buy our product or service, these people still have different needs that we can aid with.

For example, at Momentum we work with a variety of clients in very different industries. We don’t need to know every small detail of all the industries we help in. We just need to know enough to be dangerous. We have systems that work in all industries when they are adapted correctly, just like many other businesses. In our business, market validation, we adjust our criteria of what we are looking for depending on how potential customers respond to the current offering. One important factor to remember is that people are still people and that is what ultimately runs any industry. This is the common ground and reason why we can apply a process time after time with different clients.

The good news is that if you are also in business, you are also a chameleon and your industry is also run by people.

When you feel like you are trying to fit a square through a circular hole that you started a business to help solve a problem. There is a way to adjust what you are doing slightly to provide more value.

How do you know if you are a chameleon?

You don’t “fail” you “learn”

Let’s be honest, as an entrepreneur there are many times that things don’t work out how you want them to. The difference is in how you handle it. If you are agile, you learn from your mistakes quickly. The person who learns the most wins, not the person who fails the least. Not being afraid to “fail” means that you can take more calculated risks to continue to adapt.

You want to innovate

Innovation means being different. The fun thing about being an entrepreneur is that innovation does not stop once your first idea is created. You can innovate small ways to add more value to customers without completely changing your core business. Having the desire to continually innovate means that you are an entrepreneurial chameleon.

Being a chameleon or agile in this case is not about fitting in. It is being able to roll with it and overcome the obstacles while striving to create more value for your customers.

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