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Five Signs You're a Keen Entrepreneur

There are lots of different types of entrepreneurs, probably too many to count. One we seem to work with time after time is a really specific breed. They're total keeners. If you're here, you probably are one. Here are five big signs you're a keen entrepreneur.

By definition a keener is super eager to learn.

You're a keener if you work with like 12 internet tabs opened, while listening to Jenna Kutcher. You know this one is you! Eager entrepreneurs are always looking for new ways to make their business better.

The Scary: When you are always learning and finding new articles to read, you are most likely not focused. It is all so interesting…I get it, but at some point, we need to lock and load!

Your nickname is, ummm... keener.

Keeners usually know they're keeners. Mostly because they're taunted for it... Lots of people admire your work ethic, your focus, and your energy about doing amazing things. Don’t let them get you down for it. If you are doing what you truly want to, then you are doing the right thing. There are ways to monetize almost anything.

The Scary: When you let others get under your skin, you can easily convince yourself that what you are doing is not right or not good enough.

If you need help monetizing your product/service read our article on “why people don’t understand what you’re selling.”

Keeners ask for Help.

Keeners are typically pretty aware of their lofty goals and a need to enlist support to achieve them.

The Scary: Sometimes we are keen to research and figure out everything we possibly can. Make sure you are not asking for help only because you are nervous to take the next steps.

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Keeners just want to go

If you get an idea and immediately want to start doing it, you are likely a keener. This is one of the traits that makes successful entrepreneurs…they learn by doing and not by overanalyzing.

The Scary: When we just do, we often neglect very important parts. One business I had, I created a product that I thought people would like and didn’t tell anyone about it until I was “ready” to sell. Channel your “doing” energy into talking to customers.

If you need help finding your customers, selling to them, and ensure that they actually want what you are selling contact us on our website.

Keeners do everything

When keen entrepreneurs start their business, they are often excited about all the aspects that go into running the business. From marketing to finance to networking, it is all new and all exciting!

The Scary: When entrepreneurs do everything IN their business, they don’t do much ON their business. We are good and doing the daily tasks and busying ourselves with all our new emails, but not so good at focusing on the growth strategy of their business. This leaves a monster that is not on its leash.

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