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We Want to Work With You!

Everyone's needs are so different and taking care of our own mental health is at the core of our 

success. We have learned the hard way about the need to take care of 

yourself and want to help you along on your journey! 

We are not therapists, we have just been there an coached hundreds entrepreneurs

on scaling their business which is arguably one of the more stressful things

you will do on your business journey. 

With one-on-one and group sessions, we provide a safe space to discuss

your challenges and design solutions collaboratively. 

We know how challenging the entrepreneurial journey is & we 

are here to help! 




We host monthly Free & Live Peer Support Nights at The Wheelhouse of Waterloo Village in Saint John, New Brunswick for any business owners & entrepreneurs.

We are thrilled to support others doing the same in your communities.

Want to be a peer support leader in your community?

Click below to contact us!